Earn Solar Rebates and Incentives.

Installing a SunSource® Home Energy System can be expensive, but solar rebates and incentives can help offset the cost. The government has realized the benefits of using clean solar energy and provides a number of national, state and local tax credits to encourage more people to jump on the solar bandwagon*. If you want to learn more about the available programs, our crew at Hillcrest Air Conditioning & Plumbing in Bakersfield is ready to help. Give us a shout at 661-437-3499, and we’ll provide all the answers you’re looking for.

Government Tax Credits

  • The Federal HVAC Credit (25C) currently offers up to a $300 tax credit on the solar heat pump or air conditioner that is a core component to the SunSource Home Energy System.
  • A federal solar credit (25D) will cover 30% of the cost of SunSource solar modules, including installation costs. This credit doesn’t have a cost limit and will also cover 9% of the total cost of solar-ready products you purchase.

State and Local Incentives

  • The state and Bakersfield governments and utility companies may grant additional rebates or incentives. To learn more, call Hillcrest Air Conditioning & Plumbing at 661-437-3499, or check with your utility company.

Consult a Bakersfield tax professional for full details on all federal and local solar tax credits, rebates and incentives. More information is also available at www.energystar.gov or dsireusa.org.

*Note: Most rebates and incentives that make a solar energy system more affordable are only available when you’re system is grid-tied.