Keeping Your Home Comfortable As Fall Arrives


Bust out the pumpkin spice, fall is officially in the air in Bakersfield. Your air conditioner has made it through another season, but we all know how crazy fall weather can be. Mother nature doesn’t always follow the calendar; she does her own thing. How do you stay cozy and keep up with air conditioner service as we transition into cooler weather?

Clean Your Outdoor Unit

The thermometers aren’t the only things that are going down, leaves and debris usually pile up around your outdoor unit this season. If you haven’t gotten around to raking the entire yard, make a point to sweep up around your outdoor air conditioner unit. Debris can negatively inhibit the air flow into your system, causing it to affect performance.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Fall is a transitional season. One day you could be wearing a tank top, the next day you’ll need a sweater. Smart thermostats are hooked up to Wi-Fi and actually monitor the weather in Bakersfield which makes seasonal transitions simpler. They also pick up on your schedule and behaviors to boost your energy efficiency and comfort.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Your air conditioner made it another summer in Bakersfield, scheduling annual air conditioner service with Hillcrest Air Conditioning & Plumbing will make sure it makes it through next season. Fall is the perfect time to get maintenance arranged. If there are any issues found, you won’t be left to shiver or sweat through the more unpredictable seasons. Your annual maintenance check will give our technicians the opportunity to look for any small concerns, make sure your refrigerant levels are OK and be sure everything is ready to work smoothly through the year.

We want to make sure you’re comfy each and every season in Bakersfield. Picking out a comfortable sweater is your job, keeping your heating and cooling running throughout the year is ours. If you need to set up your annual maintenance service, give the experts at Hillcrest Air Conditioning & Plumbing a call at 661-437-3499. 

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